Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Monday's Meeting

Hi members,

We were off to a great start on Monday, The meeting room was packed to capacity for the first meeting of 2016. Not sure how we're going to cope if even more turn up. We might have to adapt a first come, first serve approach. Let's hope that won't happen.

So in keeping with tradition, a few members missed out having their pictures shown in the Show and Tell segment, so here they are.

Janet R - 1

Janet R 2

George - Pic 1

George 2

John N - 1

John N - 2

The main topic presented by Diane was very appropriate for a new year start, REIGNITE YOUR MOTIVATION. We all get a bit stale from time to time and need a boost to get us back on track.

The notes of Diane's presentation are now on this blog on the right under LESSON NOTES.

The challenge for next meeting on the 23 February: Take photos close to home. Try to make interesting photos out of what you may think banal or boring.

Send in two photos you like best.

Diane an I will be away next meeting. Please send your photos to Kathy Roman who has kindly agreed to run the next meeting.
Her Email is -  kmandrj@bigpond.com

The Main topic will be SILHOUETTES. 

Enjoy the meeting!

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  1. As always I wish you were a little closer. I have so much to learn and there are no clubs near to us that are English speaking!! T'other Diane