Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Next meeting 14 December 10am at South Bank

Hi Everyone,

The Camera Club year is about to end. On Monday, we'll meet for the last time and as every year, we'll get together for lunch and fellowship after our last photo shoot.

So this year, we'll meet at 10.00am at the entrance of the Queensland Maritime Museum which gives us a choice. We can either visit the museum and climb all over the Diamantina, or we can stroll around the southern end of South Bank, both options giving us plenty of opportunity to practice some of the techniques we've discussed during the year.

It's easy to get there by public transport. The train stops at South Bank as does the 555 bus from Loganholme. Diane and I will be on the 9.15 bus from Loganholme.

At 12.00 noon, we'll congregate at the Ship Inn for lunch.

That's where we'll meet at 10.00am

HMAS Diamantina
There is A lot to see and capture at the Maritime Museum

Or just get some great shots at South Bank
12 noon we have a booking for lunch at the Ship Inn