Monday, November 23, 2015

Today's Meeting

Hi Members,
Our meeting this morning, the last one at the library for 2015, was very well attended. After the Show and Tell segment on Architectural photography, Kathy took the floor to help us plan for next year.

Diane presents the Show and Tell pictures on Architecture
We are now in the process of finalising a program for next year which will be posted to you during the Christmas break.

The final meeting for the year will be on the 14th December at South Bank, followed by a lunch at the SHIP IN near the Maritime Museum. We'll meet at 11.00 am outside the Maritime Museum where members have the option to enter the museum to take photographs, or wonder around South Bank to capture the sights there, before we all meet at 12.30pm at the Ship In for lunch.

We discussed the program for next year. We decided to have a guest speaker and a photo shoot preceded by a lesson on the photo shoot topic each term. As well as that, we called for volunteers to present their favourite topic on photography or organise a photo shoot or a guest speaker.

Many thanks to all those who did volunteer. We look forward to an interesting and variety of topics and speakers next year.

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