Monday, August 24, 2015

Today's Meeting

Hi Everyone,

Great Meeting this morning, 37 members graced us with their presence. It was either due to the fact that so many people came to the photo shoot at The Cliffs and wanted to see the shots members took on that outing. Or they could have come to listen to Peter Hardie's excellent talk on Flash Photography. Hands up how many knew how the shutter mechanics work on a camera these days??

Peter enlightened us with his superb knowledge of how and when to use the flash on our cameras.

The lesson notes provided by Peter will be on the blog soon.

Members were very interested in Peter Hardie's talk
 The library staff had two lots of extra chairs delivered to cater for the number of people who attended the meeting this morning.

Peter explained the ins and outs of Flash Photography

Peter explained how the shutters (curtains) function during a shot
More details on Shutter Curtains
More details will be on the lesson notes here on the blog in a couple of days.

To illustrate, Peter had his camera hooked up to the TV
The challenge for members now: Send us two shots using your flash for the next meeting on the 14th September.

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  1. Very imformitive did not realize flash could be so useful in daylight