Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Next Meeting Monday 10 August - 10am

Hi Members,

We went on a Rekke under the Story Bridge and found no car parks, so we'll give that spot a miss. So, we're going to Kangaroo Point Cliffs where there is ample free parking on one side up from the rotunda as well as paid parking further along near the coffee shop.

So, we'll meet at 10am at the meeting place (SEE BELOW OF THIS POST).

Here are a few things you'll see...

Wonderful views over Brisbane

Wolfgang Buttress's Venus Rising Sculpture
Wonderful details of the sculpture
You can even go inside for some stunning shots
The Anglican Church

Some modern playground sculptures
For the technically minded

Kangaroo Point Park next to the Coffee Shop
Interesting Flora for the lovers of flowers
If we're lucky, we'll see some climbers again

We'll meet at the Meeting Place in River Terrace, between Bell and Paton Streets at 10.00am.


This outing is for both - 11.00am and 1.00pm camera clubs

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