Monday, June 22, 2015

Today's Meeting

Hi Everyone,

Today was our last meeting for this term.

We watched the photos members submitted from the New Farm Park photo excursion recently. Belatedly, here are Jan's:

Then Diane presented today's topic. CLOSE UP AND MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY.

The lesson notes will be up on the blog by tomorrow.

Finally, we got down to practice taking close up and macro shots of various items in the room.

Here are some of the flowers provided for this purpose.

The club is now on a term break. We resume meeting again on Monday 13 July. 

Please send us two  close up or macro photos of any subject, before Saturday 11 July to

When we'll return in July, we'll have two camera clubs the present one at 11.00am and a second club for newer members at 1.00pm. Most of you have decided to stay in the 11.00am club and a couple of people are switching to the 1.00pm club to take advantage of talking about subjects we have covered in the past.

Have a good break, keep clicking those shutters and we'll see you in Term 3.

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