Monday, May 25, 2015

Today's Meeting

Hi Members,

We had a very well attended meeting this morning, starting with the monochrome pictures members sent us for the show. Again an excellent effort by members. We haven't missed anyone for a while but today we had. Cathy's pictures missed out, so here are her two submitted photos.

The main topic, "PHOTO BOOKS' was presented by Wendy Allen. Wendy and Diane told us about the various companies that produce photo books and Wendy outline the pros and cons of different suppliers.

She then showed us how to produce a photo book using:

She showed us how to create a book using The Photobook Club Application which can easily be downloaded from the company, so you can produce your masterpiece at leisure at home.

Wendy presented the topic of Photo Books
You can download the Photobook Club Designer for Mac or PC easily for you to create your book at home.

Choose the Designer for your computer
The next meeting will be Monday 8 June, a public holiday, so we're off on a photo shoot to New Farm Park, where we'll meet at 10:00 AM (NOT 11:00)

Further details will be posted before the meeting, how to get there, where to meet etc.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Next Meeting Monday 25 May 2015

Hi Members,

Following our Monochrome talk at the last meeting, the challenge was to capture and send us two of your Black and White photos. You know what we're looking for, good composition, pictures telling a story or evoking emotion.

Send your pics to by Saturday,

Art Apreciation

Back Alley

Forlorn Tower


Sydney Skyline

The main topic on Monday will be presented by Wendy Allen who will show us how you create exciting photo books.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Today's Meeting

Hi Members,

Another meeting behind us.

We started with members' contributions to Street or Urban Photography. As usual, we saw some great shots. Well done everybody.

Here are some random samples of members pictures.

Then Diane presented the main topic for today, Monochrome or Black and White Photography. The new lesson note will be posted very soon.

The challenge for next meeting, send us two photos of Monochrome or Black and White Photography. Send them to before Saturday 23 May 2015.

The next meeting is on Monday 25 May when Wendy Allen will present a lesson on the production and publishing of Photo Books.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Next Meeting, Monday 11 May, 11:00 am

Hi Members,

We're starting off on Monday with the pictures you have sent us on Street or Urban Photography. You can still send your contribution until tomorrow night.

The main topic will be TAKE STUNNING MONOCHROME IMAGES. Black and White, often abbreviated B/W or B&W and hyphenated black and white when used as an adjective, is any of several monochrome forms of visual art. Especially Photography.

A couple of Mills in the Woods (North Carolina)

Castle ruin Paranella Park near Cairns

Aboriginal Elder, Cooktown