Monday, February 9, 2015

Today's Meeting

Hi Members,

We started off with great success this morning, welcoming 39 members, including five new members who came along for the first time. We now have 49 members after it was discovered a couple didn't get rolled over from last year. So we can definitely not accept any new members in this term. We have a waiting list with another 12 people eager to join us. Maybe we should see if we can get the Entertainment Centre to hold our meetings, ha ha.

Diane presented the main topic to a packed meeting this morning.

Our main topic this morning, researched and presented by Diane was entitled 'NATURAL LIGHT'

Then members worked out how to set the White Balance on their cameras. Getting to know our cameras better is a new segment we will adopt from now on.

So here is the challenge for the next two weeks:

Send in two photos showing your knowledge of using Natural Light as a tool in visual communication.

Try some of these:

  • two shots using different directions of the light source

  • two shots showing 2 different types of light:
- Golden light
- Twilight
- Harsh light
- Foggy light

Try to capture moods & athmosphere and tell a story.

Diffused light


For the benefit of new members, please email these photos to before Saturday 21 February, midnight.

Next meeting is on Monday 23 February. Topic Portrait Photography.

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