Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Next meeting 14 December 10am at South Bank

Hi Everyone,

The Camera Club year is about to end. On Monday, we'll meet for the last time and as every year, we'll get together for lunch and fellowship after our last photo shoot.

So this year, we'll meet at 10.00am at the entrance of the Queensland Maritime Museum which gives us a choice. We can either visit the museum and climb all over the Diamantina, or we can stroll around the southern end of South Bank, both options giving us plenty of opportunity to practice some of the techniques we've discussed during the year.

It's easy to get there by public transport. The train stops at South Bank as does the 555 bus from Loganholme. Diane and I will be on the 9.15 bus from Loganholme.

At 12.00 noon, we'll congregate at the Ship Inn for lunch.

That's where we'll meet at 10.00am

HMAS Diamantina
There is A lot to see and capture at the Maritime Museum

Or just get some great shots at South Bank
12 noon we have a booking for lunch at the Ship Inn

Monday, November 23, 2015

Today's Meeting

Hi Members,
Our meeting this morning, the last one at the library for 2015, was very well attended. After the Show and Tell segment on Architectural photography, Kathy took the floor to help us plan for next year.

Diane presents the Show and Tell pictures on Architecture
We are now in the process of finalising a program for next year which will be posted to you during the Christmas break.

The final meeting for the year will be on the 14th December at South Bank, followed by a lunch at the SHIP IN near the Maritime Museum. We'll meet at 11.00 am outside the Maritime Museum where members have the option to enter the museum to take photographs, or wonder around South Bank to capture the sights there, before we all meet at 12.30pm at the Ship In for lunch.

We discussed the program for next year. We decided to have a guest speaker and a photo shoot preceded by a lesson on the photo shoot topic each term. As well as that, we called for volunteers to present their favourite topic on photography or organise a photo shoot or a guest speaker.

Many thanks to all those who did volunteer. We look forward to an interesting and variety of topics and speakers next year.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Next Meeting Monday 23 November 11.00am

Hi Everyone,

On Monday, we'll meet for the last time in the library this year. The only meeting in December will be a field trip, including a lunch at South Bank. But on Monday, we'll talk about the most important topic about good photographs, Diane's favourite topic,


What makes a photograph outstanding, giving the WOW factor, grabbing the viewer. If you only ever want to listen to one talk on photography, this is it. Diane will tell us what makes a good photograph stand out out from all the others.
Showing Sadness and Despair

Showing Humour

Showing Life and interaction

Showing Nature

Diane will show us some memorable photographs and explain how they came about.


But of course, we'll start off with the Show and Tell segment on our last meeting's topic, Architectural Photography. So, if you haven't already done so, please send us your two best shots for everyone to see. After the meeting, these photographs will be uploaded onto our Facebook page so you can check them out and comment on them if you wish.


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Yesterday's Meeting

Hi members,

Yesterday's topic, excellently researched and presented by Bill Gofton was on Architectural Photography. No guesses of what the challenge is for next meeting, of course, Architectural Photos. Could be anything from buildings, structures, close ups, etc.

We had planned to upload the Show and Tell photos onto our Facebook page, but that turns out to be a logistical nightmare. I just don't have the time to spend hours on it. We're however still looking into it..

The next meeting is on the 23rd November when Diane will present one of the most important aspect of photography, that is THE HEART OF A PHOTOGRAPH. More soon.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Next Meeting Monday 9 November 11.00am

Hi Everyone,

We're starting off with our Show and Tell photos of members'  landscapes. It's not too late to send us a couple of your best shots.

The main topic on Monday will be Architectural Photography This subject covers a vast range from old type buildings to modern style constructions to building features.


Monday, October 26, 2015

Today's meeting

We had another great guest speaker this morning. Local photographer Wayne Budge came to talk to us about this week's topic, Landscape Photography. Wayne outlined the important points we need to consider to produce outstanding landscape photos.

Wayne plans a photo excursion to Hawaii next year. Anyone interested should contact Wayne for booking details.

To see the stunning pictures again, and to make enquiries about his trip next year, please visit Wayne's website. CLICK HERE.

Or visit 

So, the challenge for next meeting, you guessed it, send us two landscape shots.

The next meeting is on Monday 9 November when Bill Gofton presents the main topic, ARCHITECTURAL PHOTOGRAPHY. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Next Meeting - 26 October 11.00am

We are fortunate to have another guest speaker visiting us on Monday, following our show and tell on Wildlife.

Photographer Wayne Budge has been taking pictures since the age of 12. His style of photography encompasses all types of landscapes. As another world traveller, Wayne has exhibited his work at a number of public galleries around Queensland, and has his work on displays in a number of corporate offices throughout Australia, the USA and Canada. We are indeed fortunate to have Wayne speaking at our meeting on Monday.

Here are a couple of examples of his photographs.

South Brisbane

Old Silver Mine


Monday, October 12, 2015

Today's Meeting

Hi Members, what a brilliant meeting today. 38 members attended to see the Flower Show and Tell and listen to John Rogers about his exploits of Wildlife Photography around the world.

This one created a ohh and aahh among the viewers

African Giraffes
We are especially grateful to John as he suffered from a thumping headache during the presentation but in true style soldiered on regardless. Thank you John.

The next meeting is on the 26 October. The challenge is two shots of wildlife, no matter what, as long as it has a pulse and doesn't call on you for a feed in your backyard. (Birds excepted).

We have another guest speaker for that meeting, local photographer Wayne Budge. More about him before the next meeting.


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Next Meeting - Monday 12 October 2015 - 11.00am

Hi Members,

Are we all ready for the last term in 2015? The club has grown, as we have now combined both clubs into one. So please make each other welcome.

On Monday, we'll start with photos members took at our last photo shoot at the Mt Coot-tha Botanic Garden. We picked a glorious day for this outing, luckily before this spell of hot weather we are experiencing at the moment.

So, it's not too late to send us a couple if pictures from that outing.

Our Main topic on Monday is WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY, presented by John Rogers.

John, who travels to some incredible places in the world, will talk about his experience of capturing wild animals here and there.


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Yesterday's photo shoot at Mt Coot-tha Botanic Garden

It was another well attended outing yesterday even though we are officially on a term break.


After a full photo session, we retired to the local cafe for a light lunch and a well deserved cup of coffee.


Friday, September 25, 2015

Next Meeting Monday 28 September 10.00am

Hi Members,

We're going to practice what we talked about at the last meeting. Taking photos of flowers and plants.

We're going to the Mt Coot-tha Botanic Garden, where we'll meet at 10.00am at the main entrance Information Booth.


If the main two car parks are full, there is more parking across Mt Coot-tha road.

See you there

Monday, September 14, 2015

Today's Meeting

Hi Members,

If you love flowers, you were well treated today at our official last meeting at the library for this term.  Alicia Cook prepared an excellent talk on Flower Photography, which Diane presented.

How about John Nichol's presentation of Focus Stacking? Didn't have these photos the 'WOW' factor?

The lesson notes of John's presentation is now on this blog (over there ------->)

Even though the term has officially finished, that won't stop us taking a trip to the Mt Coot-tha Botanic Garden in a couple of weeks.

This is what we're going to see:

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Next meeting - Monday 14 September - 11.00am

Hi Everyone,

We have an interesting meeting planned for Monday,

After the photo show of your images on flash photography, we will discuss Flower Photography and Focus Stacking. Two of our members have researched and practices these techniques. Alicia Cook has put together a talk on FLOWER PHOTOGRAPHY, which Diane will present. Then we have a new exciting topic, FOCUS STACKING. John Nichol will explain how it works. Thank you both, Alicia and John.

Then John Nichol will explain the subject of FOCUS STACKING.

Focus stacking (also known as focal plane merging and z-stacking or focus blending,) is a digital image processing technique which combines multiple images taken at different focal distances to give a resulting image with a greater depth of field (DOF) than any of the individual source images. Focus stacking can be used in any situation where individual images have very shallow depth of field; macro photography and optical microscopy are two typical examples. Focal stacking can also be used in landscape photography.

Below are a few images of flowers, processed with Focus Stacking technique by John Nichol one of our members in Camera Club 2. Thank you John.


Monday, August 24, 2015

Today's Meeting

Hi Everyone,

Great Meeting this morning, 37 members graced us with their presence. It was either due to the fact that so many people came to the photo shoot at The Cliffs and wanted to see the shots members took on that outing. Or they could have come to listen to Peter Hardie's excellent talk on Flash Photography. Hands up how many knew how the shutter mechanics work on a camera these days??

Peter enlightened us with his superb knowledge of how and when to use the flash on our cameras.

The lesson notes provided by Peter will be on the blog soon.

Members were very interested in Peter Hardie's talk
 The library staff had two lots of extra chairs delivered to cater for the number of people who attended the meeting this morning.

Peter explained the ins and outs of Flash Photography

Peter explained how the shutters (curtains) function during a shot
More details on Shutter Curtains
More details will be on the lesson notes here on the blog in a couple of days.

To illustrate, Peter had his camera hooked up to the TV
The challenge for members now: Send us two shots using your flash for the next meeting on the 14th September.