Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Next Meeting - Monday 13 October 2014 - 11.00 AM

Hi Members,

Welcome to the last term of 2014.

We begin the meeting looking at our bird photographs taken either at Currumbin or whereever. So please send us your three best shots for us to see.

Bird Love - 1/500, f:6.4. ISO 100
Waterbird - 1/400, f:6 - ISO 200
Cormorant - 1/320, f:5.6. ISO 100
Send them as attachments to u3acameraclub@gmail.com as usual.

Main Topic:
We have a very interesting guest speaker on Monday. Trish Jackson, a friend of Rosalind is coming to talk to us. She is an award-winning photographer and  artist and had her work published in magazines newspapers and displayed in the Australian Parliament Building.

But the amazing part is that Trish is a thalidomide survivor. She was born with no arms and takes her photos with her feet. She is an amazing woman. I'm sure she'll be a fascinating guest speaker.

Let's make Trish very welcome on Monday.


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