Monday, October 27, 2014

Today's Meeting

Hi Members,

Today's meeting took a different format from our usual sequence, there was a reason.

Diane and I are away for the next three meetings and we had to sort out what's happening during these meetings. So here's what has been decided:

To make use of the Brisbane Light Show, Chris and Sheila will guide the club to the best spots to see the light show. So, members are asked to meet at 6.00 PM on the forecourt of the Cultural Centre at South Bank near the large BRISBANE sign. Chris suggests to meet by the letter 'E", apparently you can't miss it. The group will then walk across the Victoria Bridge to have a look at the buildings which are lit up.

It is quite spectacular. For further information, please phone Chris on 0407 646 286

More details will be posted on this blog a few days before the event so please keep checking the blog.

Sheila will present your photos of the Light Show, so please send her your best three shots

Merv Amos will present the main topic entitled ORGANISE PHOTOS WITH LIGHTROOM.

Wendy has organised us a guest speaker. Photographer Peter Hardy will present his topic entitled Depth Of Field D.O.F and Sharpness. He will enlighten everyone with hints of how to keep your images sharp.

So to today's meeting:
Diane talked about a popular subject, Travel Photography and how to achieve stunning pictures.

Finally, we looked at the travel pictures supplied by members and there were some great images on display, here are some of them:

Monday, October 20, 2014

Next Meeting - Monday 27 October 2014 - 11.00 AM

The Club Program says Creating a Video. However as we'll have a Video Production class in Term 1 next year and quite a number of members have indicated that they want to join that class, we have decided to talk about Travel Photography instead. Check the 'NEWS' button on the right to find out more about the Video Production course next year.

As a traveller with a camera, capturing great images that represent the spirit of the place and its people is the key to successful results. Diane will outline the do's and don't's of Travel Photography.

Homeless in Hollywood

War of the Worlds Set - Universal Studios Hollywood

Just for something different, we have asked you to send us your three shots from your travels, before we discuss the topic at the meeting.

So if you haven't already done so, please send us three pics to

On our club program, on the 24th November, we have Chris Simpson organising a Industrial Excursion. Chris was not able to find a suitable location.  Diane and I will be overseas so we are looking for a volunteer to come up with a topic or organise a guest speaker. Can you please give it a thought so we can talk about it at the next meeting.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Today's Meeting

Hi Members,

Thirty five members came along this morning, for the first meeting of this final term. Great to see.

Also great to see were the fabulous shots members took over the break of our challenge topic, BIRDS. Apologies to Sheila whose shots were left out of the slide show, here they are:

Photo by Sheila - 1/20 - f:5.2

Photo by Sheila - 1/125 - f:6.4

Photo by Sheila - 1/400 - f:6.4

The guest speaker this morning was Trish Jackson, a friend of Rosalind's. Trish, is a thalidomide surviver, born with no arms, after her mother's doctor prescribed the now banned drug Thalidomide for her morning sickness, a fact he then denied after Trish was born without arms.

Trish recounted her memories, growing up with this disability and not letting it defeat her. She is an amazing woman going through life as if nothing could prevent her from a normal life.

She is an accomplished photographer, taking her pictures with her feet.

Photo by Trish Jackson

Photo by Trish Jackson 
Photo by Trish Jackson
Trish and Trevor are providing printed merchandise. Check out their website . CLICK HERE

The next meeting is on Monday 27th October at the library. The challenge for that meeting is Travel Photography, so send us your three best shots, you took in Paris, London, Noosa, Ipswich or wherever.

This will be Diane and my last meeting for the year, as we're heading to the United States after that. But we'll be back again by the U3A Christmas Party.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Next Meeting - Monday 13 October 2014 - 11.00 AM

Hi Members,

Welcome to the last term of 2014.

We begin the meeting looking at our bird photographs taken either at Currumbin or whereever. So please send us your three best shots for us to see.

Bird Love - 1/500, f:6.4. ISO 100
Waterbird - 1/400, f:6 - ISO 200
Cormorant - 1/320, f:5.6. ISO 100
Send them as attachments to as usual.

Main Topic:
We have a very interesting guest speaker on Monday. Trish Jackson, a friend of Rosalind is coming to talk to us. She is an award-winning photographer and  artist and had her work published in magazines newspapers and displayed in the Australian Parliament Building.

But the amazing part is that Trish is a thalidomide survivor. She was born with no arms and takes her photos with her feet. She is an amazing woman. I'm sure she'll be a fascinating guest speaker.

Let's make Trish very welcome on Monday.