Monday, September 22, 2014

Today's Meeting

Hi Members,

It was raining when we got up early this morning to go down the coast to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary at 8 o'clock for our photo shoot. By the time we got to the Sanctuary and everyone had arrived, the rain had stopped and the sun peeked out of the clouds from time to time.

First up was the feeding of the Lorikeets, an activity, very popular with the younger generations.

Then we strolled through the park past the wallabies, various birds, including bowerbirds, ducks and cormorants, we arrived at the waterbird feeding station.

The pelicans came from everywhere for a free feed.

A nice bunch of rather large eels came begging for a feed as well.

Then it was time for morning tea on the way to the Bird of Prey Show.

That's when the heavens opened up and those without umbrellas got a bit of a soaking.

We must thank Elaine for organising us half price entry tickets, that was great!


Send three shots of your photos from today. If you couldn't make it, send us three shots of birds you've taken recently. If you can, please include the metadata, (speed, apperture and ISO)

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