Monday, July 28, 2014

Today's Meeting

Wow, what a meeting! We had 33 people attending today's meeting at the library. Three new members joined us this morning, welcome to the club.

The challenge was to show either three shots taken from one spot at the last meeting, or three shots taken anywhere from the same spot without moving so, we started off with our show of members' photos. The final option was following John's excellent talk at the last meeting on Alternate Reality Photography, so quite a number of members have taken to this type of art.

Here are some examples:

Janice created this scary pic called 'Visitors From Space'

Josie created this Fantasy

And Rosalind came up with this one, entitled 'Shipwrecked'
And Jean created this 'Scary Telephone Box' image

Sheila concluded the show with this number 'Fishy Fishy'

As you can see there is a lot of imagination and talent in this club of ours, well done everyone.

Our guest speaker this morning was Des Lund, Des Wilkinson's golf buddy a retired professional photographer who worked for many years not only in the racing industry, but also in universities and hospitals where he headed their medical and dental photography divisions. His talk was called FOCUSING CLOTH TO DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY.
Another packed meeting

A young Des Lund in his darkroom - Ah those were the days

Cameras pointing to the finishing line in racing

Des' Photo Processing Lab

A photo shoot of an operation in a hospital
Des Wilkinson and Des Lund the guest speaker

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