Monday, July 14, 2014

Today's Meeting

The new masthead photo above is by member Janice Kazakoff

We're off and running in Term 3. We looked at members' panorama shots and Kathy demonstrated an amazing app for your smart phone that vibrates and spins the phone in a circle all the while taking photos to produce a 360ยบ panorama.

Our guest speaker this morning was John Rodgers, who explained to us the various Photo Competitions local, national and international and what kind of rules one needs to put up with. We have a number of club members who regularly submit their photos into these competitions.

Most competitions in Australia are advertised in newspapers, photo magazines and local government publications.

There is an International Federation of Photographic Art under all its aspects and by all kinds of photographic events, called F.I.A.P. Check out their website CLICK HERE

John then got us all interested in ALTERNATE REALITY PHOTOGRAPHY.

There are lots of examples to see if you google Alternate Reality Photography. It's a lot of fun doing silly things with the help of a camera and an editing program.
Like This One

After John's talk, we watched a short Mike Browne video entitled 'MAKE TIME FOR YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY.' We took up his challenge to stand in one place for five minutes and take as many different photos as possible.

Your task for the next meeting has three options:

A - Send us three shots of Alternate Reality Photography

B - Send us three shots you took in the room today
C - Go somewhere stand still, don't move and take three shots from where you're standing.
Or a mixture of the above options.

As usual, send us three shots to before Saturday 26th July.


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