Monday, June 23, 2014

Today's Meeting

Hi Members,

Today was the last meeting of Term 2.

After the Building and Monuments slide show, we got down to business with our main topic.
What is Panoramic Photography? Researched and presented by member Kathy Roman.

The lesson notes are now available on the link on this blog.

Kathy presented today's lesson on Panorama Photography
Kathy showed us some amazing panorama shots she took and explained which software she used, or is available, to stitch together panorama shots.

Kathy also made members aware that the newer versions of the iPhone have a panorama capability. Which I immediately tried out during the meeting.

The club is now on a break again and we'll meet again for Term 3 on the 14th July, when John Rodgers tells us what judges look for in competition photos.

Have a great break and keep clicking your shutters.

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