Monday, May 26, 2014

Yesterday's meeting

Thirty members attended our meeting yesterday morning.

The meeting started with photos of members telling a story or showing emotion. Here are some samples,

Some members circulate in high places - Des

Deflated Riders (and Horses) - Alicia

First Hair Cut - Sheila

Emotion and Story - Les

Secrets - Jan
In preparation for our next meeting into town to shoot buildings and monuments, member Alicia put together yesterday's topic which was presented by Diane.

Between them, they outlined what to look for and what to take into consideration when photographing buildings and monuments, such as perspective, composition, lighting as well as different aspects employed to create brilliant images.

Looking Up




Night Shots

The lesson notes will be on the blog shortly.

Now get ready for our field trip on the 9 June (Public Holiday) to Brisbane, We meet at the Treasury Casino at 10.30 AM. More details on the blog before the meeting.

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