Monday, March 24, 2014

Today's Meeting

Hi members,

We had a very productive meeting this morning again with a packed room.

Diane addresses a 'full house'
We started off with photos of our challenge from the last meeting, showing hidden treasures from our garages. Following our tradition, one member got left out and we can't blame any operating system, it was simply human error, namely mine. Here are Leo's three pictures.
Leo - Pic 1

Leo - Pic 2

Leo - Pic 3
Then Diane presented the main topic for today's meeting Macro Photography

The lesson notes are now available on this blog.

Macro Photography is a favourite subject for many photogrphers 

The next meeting on the 14th April is a field trip to G.O.M.A. (more later), so the challenge is take three macro or close up shots at GOMA. If you're not coming along, then take three macro shots anywhere, using methods we saw today.

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