Monday, February 10, 2014

Today's Meeting

Hi Members,

We had five new members attend the first meeting for the year plus most of the regulars which was good to see.

Diane presented today's topic THE HEART OF A PHOTOGRAPH, and for the benefit of new members, gave us a refresher session on composition, rule of thirds, lines, patterns, framing etc.

Then after the coffee break she came to the crux of the matter of what makes a good photograph.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Well not always. We have to work at trying to make a photo tell a story. Here are some tips to help create a powerful image.

A good photograph should evoke emotion, tell  story and engage the viewer. 

Show Relationship with others, even if they're not shown - by Diane

Show how a photograph can tell a story - by Michael

Evoke emotion of awe - by Trevor

Show excitement - by Kathy

Evoke happiness - by Diane

Show empathy - by Vivienne

Challenge for next Meeting:

Go out there, take some shots and send us the best three pictures, evoking emotion and/or tell a story. 

Send them to Bill at

Next Meeting - Monday 24  February - 11.00 AM at the Library

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