Monday, December 9, 2013

Today's Meeting - The Last for 2013

Hi Members, Another camera club year concluded today with our last meeting. We were looking at how to improve food pictures, we all do from time to time.
Diane took us through the points of Food Photography Tips
Then with the help of you, the members, we devised an approximate time table for next year's meetings. Not set in concrete and subject to changes as the dates get closer.

 Practical - Food Photography,
 Then members got down to hands-on photographing the various stations set up for that purpose

The lesson mentioned that some photographers use a light box to take their professional food shots. So Bill brought along his light box, he made especially for the lesson. The box simply consists of a cardboard box, painted white inside, with a curved white cardboard backing, lit by a OSRAM Daylight light bulb 18 W (Output 100W). The white walls and back reflect the light all around the inside, thus keeping shadows at a minimum.

The meeting over and most of us retired to the Springwood Coffee Club for a lunch and a bit of fellowship.

End of Term Lunch at the Coffee Club

Some had more fun than others

Well, that's it for the year. Hope to see most of you again in February.

The lesson notes are availavle on the right column of this blog. 

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and all the best for next Year.

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