Sunday, November 3, 2013

Next Meeting Monday 11 November - 11.00 - Logan North Library

Hi Members,

Diane is still away, so Kathy Roman will present the topic of 'Silhouette Photography' an increasingly popular photography subject.

Here are some samples:

Pic 1 by Carol-Ann Pickvance - MoMa New York and shows the connecting bridges across two separate galleries. It was shot using iPhone processed tilt shift generator. (Film processing App)
Pic 1
Pic 2 by Carol-Ann Pickvance - People at the Tate Modern in London
Pic 2
 Pic 3 - by Carol-Ann Pickvance - Your tutors in Ascona on the Lake Maggiore in southern Switzerland
Pic 3

But first we'll be starting with our slideshow of your pictures. We ask you to send us three pictures of any subject we've covered during this year. Pictures you would like the meeting to see.

I am going to Sydney on Friday morning and won't be back until late on Sunday night, so I need your photos before Thursday evening at the latest to be included in the slideshow.

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