Monday, November 25, 2013

Today's Meeting

We had a packed meeting this morning, starting off with members' silhouette shots. We really have some talented photographers amongst us.

by Christine

by Kevin

The main topic, this morning was 'Creating Photo Books, presented by Wendy Allen. Wendy talked about one particular company she uses, namely The Photobook Club. They always have specials on offer.

Wendy showed us how to create a Photo Book
There are always specials on offer at The Photobook Club

And finally we discussed the future of the Logan U3A Camera Club.

Diane and Kathy led the Meeting

 In the absence of anyone coming forward to lead the club, it was decided that members would help in researching topics or subjects, help find guest speakers and come up with outing suggestions. Topics will then be presented by the member researching it, or by either Kathy or Diane.

Bill will continue to be the facillitator of the club, looking after attendances and the communication with members. Bill will also keep up with the Camera Club Blog.

At the next Meeting on the 9th December, our last meeting for the year, we will design a program for next year, so hopefully you, the members will be able to give us an indication of which topic or suggestion you have for next year..

This will be followed by our End of Year Lunch somewhere close.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Next Meeting, Monday 25 November, 11.00 AM - Logan North Library

Slide show of silhuette shots by members.

Sample from the internet
Then we have the Main Topic for the meeting. Photo Books, presented by member Wendy Allen

Sample from the internet

Then we'll have a discussion about the future direction of the Logan U3A Camera Club.

We hope to see a lot of members there for this event.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Today's Meeting

Hi members,

Again in Diane's absence, Kathy presented this week's topic Silhouette Photography

After the presentation, Kathy and Rosalind set up some figures for members to practice silhouette shots

Members had fun comparing and discussing their shots.

Once again, please email us your three silhouette pictures for the slideshow at the meeting on the 25th November.

Send to

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Next Meeting Monday 11 November - 11.00 - Logan North Library

Hi Members,

Diane is still away, so Kathy Roman will present the topic of 'Silhouette Photography' an increasingly popular photography subject.

Here are some samples:

Pic 1 by Carol-Ann Pickvance - MoMa New York and shows the connecting bridges across two separate galleries. It was shot using iPhone processed tilt shift generator. (Film processing App)
Pic 1
Pic 2 by Carol-Ann Pickvance - People at the Tate Modern in London
Pic 2
 Pic 3 - by Carol-Ann Pickvance - Your tutors in Ascona on the Lake Maggiore in southern Switzerland
Pic 3

But first we'll be starting with our slideshow of your pictures. We ask you to send us three pictures of any subject we've covered during this year. Pictures you would like the meeting to see.

I am going to Sydney on Friday morning and won't be back until late on Sunday night, so I need your photos before Thursday evening at the latest to be included in the slideshow.