Monday, October 28, 2013

Today's Meeting

Hi Members,

In Diane's absence, we had a guest presenter. John Rogers had organised Mark Meir of Andersons Camera Repairs. Mark explained to us how we should care for our cameras to avoid costly repairs, and a few things we shouldn't do, like put your lens cap in your pocket while you use the camera. Black plastic attracts dust particles which are then transferred to the lens when we put the cap back on.

Mark from Andersons tells the meeting how to treat our cameras

John Rogers had organised Mark to come and talk to us

We got to see the workings of a camera up close

After the coffee break, we viewed the slide show on monochrome images submitted by members. I apologise but the gremlins got into the system once again and I missed a few photos. These are now on the Photo blog for everyone to see. Click Here

 John then explained the intricacies of the Histogram and how we can use it to improve our photos.

The next meeting, still in Diane's absence will be conducted by Kathy Roman with the subject of Silhouette photography. Here are a few samples from the internet.

For the slideshow, we ask you to go through the photos you took this year and send us three you think are worth sharing with the group. Perhaps you could pick subjects we've discussed during the year.

Send them to and I'll give special attention to all to avoid another embarrassing moment.



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