Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Next Meeting Monday 14 October 2013, 11:00am, Logan North Library

Hi members, welcome to our final term of the year.  I can tell you that we now have 44 enrolled members, the largest membership we ever had. We know, we said at the beginning of the year, that we didn't want more that 35 members, but with people travelling, babysitting duties, medical appointments etc. we have never had a situation where all members turned up at a meeting at the library, so we are giving more people a chance to talk about photography.

We've added a news column on this blog where we'll write about newsworthy events of and by members. If you know of such an event please send us an email, so we can write about it. Read about John's photography prize now.

A lot has happened at the end of last term, like the visit to the Gold Coast Sports Flying Club and of course the club outing to Roma Street Parklands, so we'll view the pictures you sent us. But first we will look at the SFX pictures following Kathy's lesson on that subject.

Special Effects

Art In Aviation

Roma Street Parklands

Our main topic for the meeting on Monday is black and white photography, a subject that is very popular with some photographers, amateurs and professionals alike. It is one of the subjects that rated high on our club survey earlier on this year.

Captured at Rainbow Bay when we stayed there a few weeks ago

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