Monday, September 9, 2013

Today's Meeting

Hi Everyone,

In Diane's absence, Kathy presented a lesson on Special Effects Photography. The notes will be on this blog in a few days.

The library had mounted our new TV up high, so everyone could see the presentation photos in true colours. A great improvement.

Once again, we had a full house. attentively listening to Kathy's talk.

After Kathy's talk, she had prepared some practice pieces for us to try our own SFX shots. including some experimental shots in the kitchenette, with the lights out.

Now it's time for members to try some of these shots at home. We're off for two more excursions for the next two meetings as on both Mondays the library will be shut. So we'll defer a slideshow until we meet again in the library.

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  1. I am disappointed that I missed this talk. It looks like it was interesting and fun. Thank you so much Kathy. We hope in the future that other members will have a go at giving a talk about something that they are interested in.. Tired grandma in LA.