Monday, July 22, 2013

Today's Meeting

Hi members,

We had our new, rather large TV delivered to be used for the first time. However there were some technical hitches and we had to resort to the overhead projector for one more time. Next time we'll be up and running with vast superior picture and colour qality.

We started off with a showing of members' pictures of people following the topic discussed at the last meeting.

This great shot submitted by Gary

The main topic today, in preparation for our next photo shoot on the coast was Seascape or Beach Photography.

Action shot by Diane

Chris explains the ins and outs of our new TV

The Quality will be so much better than the overhead projector
Discussion about the next Outing
Please put in your diaries the photo shoot at Currumbin on Monday 12th August. The exact meeting time and location will be published on this blog a week before the meeting, so keep an eye out.

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