Monday, June 24, 2013

Yesterday's Club Meeting

It was a fun evening. Despite the chilly evening, nearly 20 people braved the cold and joined us at Wilson's Outlook at New Farm for a sunset shoot of the Story Bridge and the city skyline.

Afterwards, most of us proceeded to the Story Bridge Hotel for our End of Term dinner and a bit of fellowship.

Now for those of you who came to the photo shoot, please send us your 3 best shots you took last night. It doesn't matter what you photographed, we'd like to see it at the next meeting.

Send them to before Friday, 5th of July.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Next Meeting Monday 24th June - 4.30 PM

We got rained out last meeting so we'll try again to go for our evening and night time photo shoot, practicing those tips Jason told us at the last meeting. Rosalind suggested Wilson Outlook just past the Story Bridge, so that's where we'll go. Being the last meeting for term 3, we'll have our mid-semester dinner, instead of lunch, so we might slip down to the Story Bridge Hotel at Kangaroo Point for a bite to eat, that'll be nice, won't it? Bring your spouse/partner/friend if want too.

For the photo shoot, don't forget to bring a tripod, if you have one. We meet at 4.30 PM at Wilson Outlook, Bowen Terrace, Corner Moray Street, New Farm. See instructiona below.

After dinner we can stop in River Terrace at Kangaroo Point to take some night shots from the cliffs, over Brisbane if you want.

How to get there:

1. Take Freeeway into town
2. Exit freeway left at Stanley Street
3. Take 1st right into Allen Street (keep in left lane)
4. Turn right into Vulture Street (keep in left lane)
5. Turn left into Leopard Street / River Terrrace
6. Drive over Story Bridge keep in (right lane)
7. Keep right into McLachlan Street
8. Turn right into Brunswick Street
9. Turn right into Kent Street
10. Turn left into Bowen Terrace
11. Arrive at Wilson Lookout

You may also want to bring a thermos with some hot beverage and a warm coat, just in case.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Today's Meeting is Cancelled


Monday, June 3, 2013

Last Meeting

Hi Members,

Sorry about the delay in publishing this post. we only just returned last night from our trip through far North Queensland.

Looks like you had an interesting time with guest speaker Jason from Photo Continental, giving you tips about night photography, which will come to good use next Monday when we go on our night shoot at Kangaroo Point.

here are a couple of shots courtesy of Michael Yip.

Jason from Photo Continental talks about Night Photography

Members were attantive listeners at the last meeting

Don't forget to plan for next Monday's meeting at 4.30 PM. The library is shut so we'll go and try our hands at night photography in town.

Details of where we'll meet will be published on this blog Friday 7th June.