Monday, April 22, 2013

Last Meeting

Wow, what a turn up to our first meeting of term 3. It was good to see so many people.

We had to resort to Plan 'B' as our guest speaker, David, had to cancel, due to medical problems. We wish David all the best and hope he makes a speedy recovery. So, we started off looking at how to convert photos into paintings.

Turn this
Into this
Or this
Into this
All with the help of NIK Software HDR Efex Pro 2 which is now a stand alone program to turn ordinary photos into High Definition Range (HDR) photos. For more information on HDR Efex Pro 2, CLICK HERE

Then Diane talked about getting off automatic settings on our cameras. The topic was: 'Take The Plunge - Get Off Automatic'.

The lesson notes are now on the side bar under 'tips on photography' of this blog.

So, now it's over to you to try it out. Send us 4 photos for a slideshow at the next meeting. Two showing different Depth of Field and two showing different motion, blurred and frozen. Use manual or semi-manual settings, in your submissions, tell us how you did each shot.

Some shots from the last meeting:

Diane talking about getting off automatic settings

We had a well attended meeting 

Members helping each other with settings
(Photos Alan Brown)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Next Meeting - Monday 22 April - 11.00AM Library Springwood

Hi Members,

It's time for another exciting Camera Club term, starting on Monday.

We have a guest speaker who is talking to us about storing and posting photos on line

We'll endeavour to touch on other subjects as well, depending on time available

Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Art In Aviation Competition

Hi members,

Following our recent correspondence with Gold Coast Sports Flying Club, where they asked us to participate in a photo competition on a date in September, here some further details including some pictures of planes we are likely to see at the event:

Just a quick update on our ART in AVIATION completion in September
Your feed back was appreciated and I have also contacted the local Gold Coast painters society and they will also be in attendance
We are limiting entries to around 100 people to make it manageable and safe for everyone to do their art
I am hoping for around 20 aircraft of all shapes and sizes and I will endeavor to have some good spacing 20 metres  between aircraft so that the artist can have freedom of movement.

The prize pool will be fixed at around $1500 and we will probably offer this as vouchers for various accommodation and meal packages on the Gold Coast.

The Gallery day will most likely be held at the airfield and we will endevour to open up around 600 square meters of hangers floor area.

The only thing that remains an issue is getting enough display boards to hang 100 odd a4 size prints and 50 odd paintings up to a5. If you suggest where we might pick these up for as cheap as rent as possible it would be helpful.

I think a month between art day and gallery day would be sufficient, but still open to suggestions.

The attached photos are just some my daughter took of various aircraft we see at fly-ins she is an I phone photo shop addict and this is inspired me.

I hope this is the baseline for the quality that your members can produce.

Ill keep you up to date as we go but I am definitely firming on  September this year with Saturday the 7th and October the 5th as tentative dates

Rohan Whittington

More details will be posted as they come to hand.