Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Yesterday's End of Term Meeting

Hi Members,

We finished term 1 with a good attendance yesterday. We viewed some great shots of the Railway Workshop Museum trip two weeks ago.

Then Diane explained how to improve our photo when we travel. The lesson notes will be up on the blog in a few days. We were without broadband since Sunday evening's storm and it has just been restored, so give us a few days.

We were trying to set up the screen for the slide presentation.

I tried, Ron tried, several others tried but the gremlins got the better of us

So we had to resort to the overhead projector which worked fine but the picture quality suffered.

Finally we got ready for the Travel Photography session.

Meeting photos by Allan D Brown

We accidentally overlooked Lorraine's submission of her museum photos, so here they are:

Lorraine Jones 1
Lorraine Jones 2

Lorraine Jones 3

Have a good break and we see you again on the 22 April.

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  1. Great diagonal lines and converging lines, Lorraine.