Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Monday's meeting

Hi Members,

Somehow we are not meant to discuss photo blogging. If you remember, last year when the topic was on the agenda, we ran out of time before the lesson finished. So we put it on the agenda again for Monday's meeting.

When we entered the lecture room, we discovered the overhead projector was missing with only the cables dangling from the ceiling. The library staff was extremely helpful and in no time we had an alternative projector projecting from a table onto the screen.

First we looked at the wonderful pictures of people and children, members had submitted and once again there were some fabulous shots. We got about 3/4 into the presentation when all the lights went out, including the projector's.

A library staff member came to advise us that Underwood had a major power outage and wouldn't be fixed until at least 1.30pm. So we couldn't discuss the art of blogging.

We will never-the-less post our lecture notes on blogging onto this blog in a few days.

Well how time flies, this was our last meeting for Term 3 and we are now in recess until Monday the 8th of October when we have a wonderful guest speaker talking about sports photography.

Until then,

Have a good break and keep taking those photos.


Bill and Diane

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Next Meeting - Monday 10 September 2012

Hi Members,

On Monday, we start with the portrait pictures submitted by members. If you haven't already sent us 3 photos, we encourage you to do so before lunch time tomorrow. We asked for a full portrait, full or a part of a body, and free choice but any shots are okay.

My sore toe

Then after morning tea, we look at creating a photo blog for the camera club which can be used by any member. We'll also show you how you can start your own blog.

See you there