Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More on HDR

Rod Holmes sent me the following email:

Hi Bill,

Just looking at the Net for HDR and found a site offering a program a lot cheaper than the Nik software Jason was promoting.

From the DPS website:-  "The most popular way to combine three or more bracketed images in the HDR style is a cheap program called Photomatix and on their website are tutorials ahich will show you more about how to do it.

Also check out the DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY SCHOOL WEB SITE for tutorials on HDR

I know one gets what one pays for but may be a place to start.  I have not bought it yet - any comments?


Rod Holmes
Hi Rod,

Thanks very much, I like Photomatix and will probably buy the software. In the meantimes, members, check it our for yourself. There are some stunning results on their web site.



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