Monday, May 28, 2012

Today's Meeting - Last for Term 2

Hi everyone,

We had some technical hitches this morning. The overhead projector in the library was on the blink so we had to watch the slideshow of members photos from the Roma Street Outing, on the laptop. There were some outstanding photos submitted.

We are therefore posting the photos here on this blog, so everyone can see them.

Wendy Allen 1

Wendy Allen 2

Wendy Allen 3
Peter Attwood 1 
Peter Attwood 2
Peter Attwood 3
Allan Brown 1
Allan Brown 2
Allan Brown 3
Pam Brown
Pam Brown 
Pam Brown 3
Graham Cox 1
Graham Cox 2
Graham Cox 3
Sylvia Pitt 1
Sylvia Pitt 2

Sylvia Pitt 3
Kathy Roman 1
Kathy Roman 2
Kathy Roman 3
George Sumner 1
George Sumner 2 
George Sumner 3
Jean Townsend
Jean Townsend 2
Jean Townsend 3
Des Wilkinson 1
Des Wilkinson 2 
Des Wilkinson 3
Josie Wong 1
Josie Wong 2 
Josie Womg 3
Michael Yip 1
Michael Yip 2
Michael Yip 3
Rod Holmes 1
Rod Holmes 2 
Rod Holmes 3
Kevin Ross 1
Kevin Ross 2 
Kevin Ross 3

You must agree, there were some stunning pictures submitted today which makes Diane and I very happy.

This was the last meeting for this term and we are on a break now and meet again on the 9th of July, until then practice what we've learnt and we'll see you again soon.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Next Meeting Monday 28 May - 11.00 AM

Hi members,

Because we've been away, we had to reorganise the meeting schedule and we hope you'll forgive us.

 So, on Monday we'll start with a slideshow of your photos from Roma Street Gardens, last meeting. If you haven't sent us your 3 best photos from that outing, please do so before Thursday night as we're flying back on Friday and won't be home before Sunday. Send to

After the slideshow, Diane will talk about Travel Photography in general about how we can improve pictures when we go on trips.

And finally, Bill will talk about Travel Videos in a similar fashion.

So, we hope to see you all on Monday

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Roma Street Garden Outing

The Camera Club went to the Roma Street Gardens yesterday for a photo shoot.

If you were there, please send us your 3 best photos from that outing for the slide show at our next meeting.

Send them to

Cheers from L.A.

Bill and Diane

Friday, May 11, 2012

Next Meeting Monday 14th May - 11.00AM

Hi members,

We're off on another exciting outing on Monday to Roma Street Parklands. As Des pointed out at the last meeting,

(Entrance of the park, behind Roma Street Railway Station)

How to get there:

By Bus: 
Get out at the Kings Cross Square stop. Cross over the square to Albert Street entrance. From the square head out of the city centre along Albert Street 200m past the Turbot and Albert Street intersection to the main pedestrian entry. 

By Train:
On the Beenleigh line from Kuraby Station there is a train leaving at 10.20 am which gets to Roma Street Station at 10.58. Exit the station away from Roma Street directly up the escalator to the parklands. The Melange Cafë is at the top of the escalator.  (If you like to get there earlier, there is a train leaving Kuraby at 9.50 getting you to Roma Street at 10.28.

By Car:
There is plenty of parking at the parklands at $1.50/Hr entrance is opposite Gregory Terrace.

Take plenty of photos. Subjects: Incorporate subjects we have learned: Moving water, Birds, Flowers, Landscapes and Composition

Concentrate on taking 3 picture for the slide show the following meeting. But whatever you do, HAVE FUN.

Cheers from Los Angeles.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Greetings from Los Angeles

Diane and I are having a great time here looking after our grandchildren.
With Fox at the Travelworld train museum in L.A. 

Fox the train driver

A cheeky look

Grandmas can be fun

The new arrival, Banjo Foster Curry

Granddad finally found a decent coffee shop
We hope you are all well and taking lots of photographs.

Until soon,

Cheers from Los Angeles