Monday, March 26, 2012

Today's Final Term 1 Meeting

Hi Members, Once again the meeting was well attended and the poor staff at the library had to drag in more chairs for us, for which we are very grateful. It was the last meeting for term 1. Also a few new people joined us for the first time, we hope to have them back next term starting on Monday 23rd April after the school holidays.

Our first topic, Bird Photography saw some wonderful pictures submitted by members for our 'Show And Tell' slideshow. Unfortunately the pictures of 4 members ended up in Cyber Space and were left out of the slide show, so here they are:

Irv Churchward - Pic 1

Irv Churchward - Pic 2

Irv Churchward - Pic 3
Heather Leo - Pic 1
Heather Leo - Pic 2
Heather Leo - Pic 3
John McBrearty - Pic 1
John McBrearty - Pic 2
John McBrearty - Pic 3
Kevin Ross - Pic 1 
Kevin Ross - Pic - 2
Kevin Ross - Pic 3

Feel free to leave a comment about the photos at the bottom of this blog post. Click on the word COMMENTS and select Name/URL (ignore URL just add your name), write your comment in the box and click on Publish.

Then Diane told us how we can use our cameras other than just in automatic mode in her talk Take the Plunge - Try Manual Settings.

And after Morning Tea, Jean introduced us the wonderful world of PhotoShp Elements by giving us some examples what we can do in post editing photographs.

Another well attended final term meeting
Jean is showing us tips and tricks of PhotoShop Elements

We now have a break and meet again on the second Monday in April (23rd) at 11.00am at the Logan North Library, Springwood. Have a nice break.

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