Thursday, February 9, 2012

Next Meeting Monday 13th Februry 2012

Hi members and prospective members,

Let's see if we can keep the attendance up we had last meeting.

And what a Ripper it promises to be on Monday.

Roy Verge will tell us how and when to use flashes with our cameras
There are occasions when we do need a flash and there are occasions when we should not use a flash, so this is a very important subject for amateur and professional photographers alike.

Then Second, after morning tea:
Gabriel Dubler, who is a Television Production Officer at QUT, will be here, to show us how we can use our still cameras to take videos. As part of his talk, Gabriel will show us some film footage he took with his still camera on a para-gliding trip to Switzerland.

Having worked with Gabriel on a video production in the past, I can assure you he is an excellent videographer and film editor, so this will be a great segment.

So see you at the Logan North Library this coming Monday at 11.00 am

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