Monday, February 13, 2012

Another Great meeting

Wow, where will it end?  There were 40 members attending today's meeting, a record number. Once again, the Library staff had to bring extra chairs to the meeting room, but then we had two excellent presenters today.

Roy Verge told us all about how and when to use a flash with our cameras.

Roy explains the techniques of flash photography
After the coffee break and some difficulty getting the overhead projector working, Gabriel Dubler, a Television Producer, Editor and Director with QUT Television, showed us how to take videos with our still cameras.

Gabriel demonstrates how to use the still camera to take video
Then members got their cameras out and used them to shoot some video footage and we produced a little movie with the captured results:

All in all a very succesful morning.

Next meeting on the 27th February will be our first field trip for the year to Mayes Cottage in Kingston. The place will be specially opened for us as they're not normally open on a Monday.

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