Monday, January 23, 2012

WOW... What a Turnup

A very successful first meeting this morning. We had so many people turn up, we actually ran out of chairs. It was great to see. Lots of new members came along, welcome to the club.

The topic this morning was Composition Tips. Diane presented the topic, starting off explaining again the imprtance of the Rule of Thirds, which we mentioned in a previous meeting.

Then we discussed how to use different Lines in a photograph,

Converging Lines

Diagonal Lines - Change angles

Shoot up to create an interesting shot

Or shoot down to do the same

Use a focal point

Watch for unwanted stuff in the backgound.

We learnt how to use frames.

So our new Camera Club year has began. Next meeting promises to be very interesting again.

First Roy will explain how to utilise the flash on our cameras and we have the first guest presenter for the year. Gabriel Dubler from QUT Television, is going to show us how how we can shoot video with our digital still cameras. He will show us some videos he shot on a para-gliding holiday in Switzerland using his still camera. Something to look forward too.

Cheers until next time......

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