Saturday, September 3, 2011

Meeting Updates

From all accounts, Jason from Photo Continental was a great speaker at the last meeting, just a shame Diane and I missed that, we might get him back next semester.

Roy was there and here's his report:

I think we all had a good morning listening to Jason – it’s good to get the experts view every now and then.

He addressed just about every feature of photography so we have no more excuses for poor shots. These were some of his topics:

  • Think before you start – do you have the right equipment, have you set it up for easy use and do you know what to expect from your subject.

  • If you are just taking pictures with little adjustment afterwards and don’t want to enlarge beyond 8X10 then JPEG images are fine otherwise consider using RAW

  • Practice aperture adjustments to get the depth of field you’re after.
  • SD cards range from slow C2 to fast C10, slow cards are OK for still photography but you should consider faster cards for movies and do not use bargain cards.
  • SD cards, hard drives, backup drives, memory sticks and CDs all fail eventually so keep your data in more than one place.

  • Carry a compact camera and don’t be afraid to use it even if you have a top-of-the-line DSLR – once the moment is gone it’s gone.
  • ND (neutral density) and Polarizing filters enable you to cut down on over-exposed shots but are expensive.
  • Using autofocus with telephoto lenses is difficult so practice beforehand.

The next meeting will be on Monday the 12th September at 11.00Am at the Logan North Library, where the main subject will be "Moving Water Photography." See you there.

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