Thursday, August 18, 2016

Next Meeting Monday 22 August - 11.00am

Hi members,

Following a very successful meeting in Daisy Hill, we'll start off on Monday with the Show and  Tell slideshow of your macro or close-up shots. So keep sending them if you haven't already done so.

The main topic will be presented by Wendy who will show us how to use Lightroom to create slideshows and photo-books.

How to create a slideshow in Lightroom

How to create a Photo Book in Lightroom

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Next Meeting Monday 8 August 10.00am Daisy Hill Forest

Hi members,

The library will be shut on Monday, so we are relocating the meeting room to the Daisy Hill State Forest, where the topic will be macro and close-up photography. To get to the Daisy Hill Forest, here is a map.

To get to the meeting area, drive the circuit and park at carpark No 4 or No 5, although the outdoor area can easily be reached from any other carpark.

We meet here at 10.00am
Our class room on Monday

From car park No 4, walk down to the open area, turn right at the covered sign
Turn right where Diane is pointing
After a short talk where Diane will explain macro settings, we will then do some practical work, taking macro or close up shots.

After the shoot, please join us for lunch at a local cafe.

Click here for the LESSON NOTES on macro photography


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Next Meeting 25 July 2016

Hi members,

The challenge for next meeting is to show how you can use different Depths of Field. Ralph touched on it in his talk on lenses last meeting. However if you need to refresh on the subject there are two good articles below from DPS. Also Diane’s lesson on Depth of Field is on the sidebar of this blog page.

The below article for beginners also explains how to manage Depth of Field with a point and shoot camera by using different settings like Portrait and Landscape. In my lesson I mention it too by using the Macro setting. Some Point and Shoot cameras now allow you to change Aperture settings.

Send in two photos either showing : 
2 Different Aperture settings, OR
2 Different focal length, OR
2 Different distances from the subject

It would be good if you could use the same subject in both examples but it is not necessary, any two photos showing different depth of Field will do.

* Please send in camera settings with each photo.

Different Aperture Settings
f:6.3. 155mm
f:22, 155mm
Different Focal Length
f:6.3, 250mm
f:6.3, 61mm
Different distance from a subject
Different Focal Point
Focus on foreground
Focus on background
Shallow Depth of Field is improved if the subject is a long way from the background

Portraits should have a shallow Depth of Field to make them pop

Shallow Depth of Field can isolate the point of interest

A deep Depth of Field is good for landscapes.

The main topic will be presented by Peter Attwood who will speak on the subject of purchasing a new camera when travelling, so you don't have to carry DSLRs with you. 


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Monday's meeting

Hi members,

19 members and friends travelled down to Coolangatta for the photo shoot (in glorious sunshine, I might add). By sunset time, it was getting a little chilly, though. But the scenery was fabulous.

Our next meeting in Term 3 is on Monday 11 July at the library,

So please send us two photos of seascapes in the week before the meeting.